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Name:Phoenix Kaelen

"Lord Kaelen II, Second Son of the Great House of Fire, God of New Beginnings and Angel of the Flaming Baseball Bat.

Okay, I'm kidding about the bat."
(He isn't) "You can call me Phoenix."


Phoenix Kaelen is an OC from the mun's own original fanfiction. He has tortuously complex backstory, but for quick RP reference:

- Height: 5ft 11ins. Eyes: Blue. Hair: Sandy auburn-brown. Build: Slim but toned. His wings will probably not be visible when your muse meets him. If Phoenix ever shows them, they are snow white, with each feather tipped jet black - not naturally but as a result of an attack by a very powerful demon. The wings are not capable of supporting his body in flight.

- All you need to know, really, is that he's only recently reached his ninth century in age, is an angel from somewhere else that isn't Earth, and is not stymied by the sort of religious doctrine one finds in the world of 21st century Earth. ..What? You thought we were special? Nope. Earth doesn't have the monopoly on God's love, or his angels. They exist all over the universe. As do hell realms and demons.

- Phoenix won't force anyone to accept he's an angel. It's difficult to prove anyway. He's discovered that the more advanced a civilisation is - the less inclination they have to believe in Heaven and Angels. (He refers to Heaven as 'the office'.) Depending on your character's universe, fandom, etc, etc, he'll let your muse believe he's an alien with certain abilities, a mutant, or anything that might fit in with their own experience... or lack thereof.

- His homeworld is a natural nexus/universal hub; he is aware of, and has access to, alternate realities, so can function in any fandom. (Obviously the more knowledge this mun has on said fandom the better. But crossover is always welcome here) He is NOT a fandom OC. For some RP purposes, his world has one foot in the Doctor Who/Torchwood universe, so terms from that fandom are bandied about without remorse.

- Phoenix's divine role in the Danae universe is portrayed as his being some kind of celestial secret service agent. Things like “Security clearance” describe which level of angel Phoenix is. Heaven is The Office. The akashic record is simply The Records Department. To prevent causing offence as much as possible, God is referred to as the Boss... although Phoenix answers to the archangels, or their go-betweens. When he talks about the other elements of Heaven, and Hell, he refers to different 'departments' of which he is not part.

- Kaelen carries an inbuilt apology from his mun. He has actually mellowed out recently, but can be a jerk at times and often opens his mouth before engaging his brain, sorry.
ALL snark and bitching are strictly IC. Please don't take personal offence, the mun goes out of her way to be pleasant and considerate.





(I don't do IM, and I don't want to make my email address public, so please contact me via this link.)



Journal banner and background artwork created by [personal profile] six_echo. That would be me.

Mun and muse are well over 18.

((RP journal. This is not a real angel from outer space, neither is it Ewan McGregor. The 'Danae Nebula' stories and characters are my own intellectual property. I make no claim to Mr McGregor - He belongs entirely to himself.))

This is an adult journal, and is not suitable for minors. Although this journal is primarily for fun, and is written tongue-in-cheek, there ARE post-abuse issues that are dealt with here, which may be 'trigger' points for some people.

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